Teen Drivers (15 – 17 years old)


  • Classroom and Behind-the-Wheel instruction

    Additional one time

    Schedule to Drive fee $10

    Tuition Due by first day of class

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  • Number of Lessons 7

    Length of Course 14 hrs

    Length of Lessons 2hrs

    You need DE964 transfer certificate before we can perform any behind-the-wheel driving.


  • No Show Fee (Driving): $20
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    Variance (Contract Extension): $100

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Payment for the following at office only!


  • Additional Private Driving Lessons:
    $50/ HR.

    New Private Driving Lessons:
    $100/ HR.

    Car Rental (DPS Test): $100



Teenagers (15-17) are required to take a TDLR approved Driver Education classroom and in-car program. This must include 32 classroom hours plus 7 driving hours and 7 observing hours.  The driving is completed in a two-hour session (1 drive/ 1 observe).
We start new classes every three weeks. See listing above for upcoming classes
We pre-register for all of our classes. If you would like to sign a student up you will need to come to the office and fill out the required paperwork and bring a form of payment. This usually takes about 15-20 minutes to complete. You do not need any legal documents at this time. The student does not need to be present to enroll, however, the parent or legal guardian does. This can be done during our office hours.
The classes are typically everyday for three weeks; the last week includes a Saturday class. This may differ during holidays. The DPS test (to obtain the permit) is given on the third day of class and the certificates are awarded on the fourth day of class.
Any absence must be made up. We offer make-up days regularly. However, ALWAYS double check with the secretary to verify a make-up date and time, as they vary. If you miss more than 5 days (10 classroom hours) the contract will be terminated and the student must re-enroll.
TDLR requires that students CANNOT miss more than 10 minutes of any class. Therefore, if you arrive more than 10 minutes late or need to leave more than 10 minutes early the student will not receive credit for the class.
In order to obtain a permit the student must meet several requirements:

  • Be at least 15 years old
  • Be enrolled in a driver’s education program
  • Have completed the first 3 days of the classroom portion
  • Pass the Road Rules and Road Signs test (DPS test)
  1. TDLR (DE 964) Form (to be issued by Driving School)
  2. 30 Hour Behind the Wheel Parent Log
  3. TDLR Form (Verification Of Enrollment & Attendance) signed by high school official.
  4. Cash, Check or Credit Card/Debit Card.
    • $11 for those under the age of 18
    • $25 for ages 18 and up
  1. If you are NOT a citizen, you must show proof of nationalization with a Permanent Resident Card (Green Card)


After receiving the permit from DPS, you will need to bring it by the office to show the secretary.  You can begin scheduling your driving at this point. In order to do so, you will need to create a schedule 2 drive account (this is an additional $10 fee paid directly to the website/ ***this is not included in your registration fees)

For instructions on how to create an account S2D_Handout

To go to S2D click here 

Your driving lessons are scheduled by you, based on your availability. You have a choice of scheduling them while the student is still doing the classroom portion, or after they have completed the classes. However, be sure to keep in mind you have six months from the day you start class to complete this program in its entirety.

The new driving schedule is posted every Wednesday (at 12pm during the summer and between 4-5pm during the school year). However, you can schedule any day of the week as long as there are openings. We require that you must take at least 1-2 days between each of your driving lessons to allow time to practice at home.

Because of the limited hours during the school year, driving slots in the past have been filling up very quickly. In order to avoid running out of time, please do not wait until the last minute to begin scheduling your driving.

To cancel a drive a 6 hour notice must be given via the S2D website. If your cancellation notice is late or if none is given you will be charged a $20 no show fee.